Diving head first into the ever changing journey of Apple EFI? Well relax... we cover all the Do's and Don'ts of finally removing that pesky lock. We have done massive amounts of research and are trying to compile what we have learned in a single place so your road to success wont be as rocky as ours. Remember all situations are different so share your experiences with the community and ask any questions you have in the comments or the forum.

DISCLAIMER - I am in no way responsible for any damages that may be caused by following the descried or depicted actions.
(Although I do not anticipate any will occur.)

If you like to be in the know about how security or lack there of then this is the blog for you! I will write posts and record how-to's on mostly computer hacking and vulnerabilities assessments as well as interesting things pertaining to this broad subject. Basically anything and everything to do with hacking in general will be posted within.

DISCLAIMER - All demos are done in a controlled environment or with written consent. Everything found in this category is for informational purposes only and should never be used to conduct criminal activity.

We have all become conditioned to know and love/hate the most widely used operating system - Microsoft Windows! Here you will learn all of the best known (and many not so widely known) tricks, hacks, mods and everything in between on the revolutionary OS. 

Famous, funny, empowering, wholesome, chaotic quotes that are sure to make your day. Truthfully I started this just to fuel myself during the hard times as I hope it will do for you.

Everybody loves their mobile devices! We take them with us to work, we take them with us to school, we take them with us to the store and everywhere in between! Now you have the means to take them to the next level. By utilizing the tools and methods described within this section you will learn how to root, jailbreak, mod and hack your way through even the toughest of Android/Apple smartphones, tablets and the like!

DISCLAIMER - Anything found within this section is GUARANTEED to void the warranty of the device in question. We will not be held accountable for any damages incurred by following these articles. The methods found within have been thoroughly tested prior to submitting, but always expect the unexpected!

Android has become the leading competitor to Apple when it comes to the mobile world. These tricks will show you the many different ways to make sure you get the most out of your Android device!

Factory Reset Protection lock is the Android equivalent of iCloud lock. Learn tips, tricks and complete bypasses here.

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