That's right! You read that correctly! A jailbreak has been released that caters to ALL of the latest iOS versions. This includes iOS 9.2, 9.2.1, 9.3, 9.3.1, 9.3.2, as well as the latest publicly released version (at the time of writing) iOS 9.3.3! For all of you that have been patiently waiting for this just as long as I have then you'll be excited to know that this is a 100% LEGIT method used and leaves you with a fully functional jailbreak! I insist that you read this guide through at least once before getting started because there are steps that some may be able to skip.



DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP! Remove any passcode lock and Find My iPhone/iPad/iPod lock that you may have configured on the device. Perform a FULL encrypted backup through iTunes and store the backup on your computer. Make sure you update iTunes to the latest released version (at this time 12.4.2). Then perform a full restore to the latest signed iOS version. If you are unsure what that is or prefer to download the .ipsw file without iTunes (iTunes is incredibly slow) then head over to and grab the firmware there. You can also use the site to download different iTunes versions and many other great things so make sure to check it out. Once you have the .ipsw open up iTunes and choose the RESTORE function to completely wipe your device (but you did a backup so that's cool :p). The picture below shows in blue which button you need to choose.

iTunes Restore For Jailbreak Example

Once you have restored and wiped your phone open up iTunes again and restore the backup that you had just created to your iDevice. The result of this will leave your phone in the exact same state that it was in before you started this guide, with the exception that now your iDevice has cleared any trace of a potential OTA (Over-The-Air) updates from Apple. If you know what your doing and know for a FACT that you did not take any OTA updates in the past then you can skip everything up to this point and continue.


To start the process you'll need to open up Safari on your 64-bit iDevice and navigate to Yes, I know, this sounds sketchy, but I promise you that by the end of the tutorial you'll be glad you did. Click on the download link (see below image) and your phone will add a new icon to your home screen.

Download Example

Open up Settings on your iDevice and navigate to General > Development and tap on the Certificate found within to install the Profile needed in order to install Cydia. Once installed (takes about 3 seconds) go back to the home screen and tap on the new icon (it's in Chinese, you can't miss it). When the new window opens wait about twenty seconds before continuing by tapping in the center of the circle you'll see in the center of your screen. FOLLOW THE NEXT PART EXACTLY AS I SAY: once you tap the center of the circle you MUST lock your iDevice! Do not unlock your iDevice at any time until the device has finished! You can click the home button to see if the app is working correctly, you'll be able to tell by noticing a notification on your lock screen with the same icon as the app that was added onto your home screen. Your device will reboot as an indication that it has finished. Unlock your device and check your home screen to find that Cydia has successfully been installed!



If at any time your device does not follow any of the aforementioned activities and you end up either in a boot loop or a bricked state then you need to carefully read over the steps again to see if you have done anything wrong. If you followed this guide exactly then you'll have a fresh backup that you can restore through iTunes in this event to restore your iDevice back to the condition it was in prior to starting.

If your sources inside Cydia seem to not be functioning properly (as mine were not) then open up the Chinese app icon from your home screen for a second time and press the new square button you'll find within. This will prompt for another button press on either one of two choices, although I can't honestly remember which was the one I had chosen... This will reboot your phone a second time upon which you will find the sources inside Cydia working perfectly. Now install whatever tweaks and jailbreaks you wish!

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