Earlier today I discovered a nifty little trick involving the use of the Swype keyboard to bypass a Galaxy Note 5 and posted the video showcasing the methods. Well shortly after I finished that video I tried the same trick on another device I have, and turns out that it works for it too! 

This video shows you how to use the Swype keyboard trick to bypass a Google Account FRP Lock on a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ running Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow!


This video demonstrates the usage of the Linux kernel privilege escalation exploit "dirty-c0w" on an Android device. Using the exploit I show you just how powerful it can be when used against FRP on a Nexus 6P running the October 5th, 2016 security patch. I do not claim to have made any of the tools used in this bypass.

This method works universally between all android phones and works on every Android version including the most recent 7.1.1. The only devices that cannot use this method are ones that have been updated to support the most recent December 5, 2016 security patches, so as long as your device does NOT say December 5, 2016 under security patches then you qualify!

The apks I use for this video can be found at this link...



That's right, the new method I discovered for bypassing FRP lock on the newest Nexus 6P updates also works for Google's newest bread and butter, the Google Pixel! The steps are almost identical to the ones used for the Nexus 6P video, though the time it takes is far less! 

USB-C OTG Adapter
USB drive formatted to FAT32
Keyboard - optional, just for easier typing

The apks I use for this video can be downloaded via the following link:


This method will NOT work if you are on the latest December 5 2016 security patch unfortunately... All previous updates are supported.


Here's another one for ya folks! This time I show you how to bypass Google Account FRP Lock on a Motorola Nexus 6 running Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow! This time all you need is a stable wifi connection, no other devices needed!!

1. Connect to wifi
2. Hold @ and swipe up to the cog icon
3. Choose keyboard settings
4. Tap text correction
5. Tap personal dictionaries
6. Tap help & feedback
7. Type some text, tap and hold the text and choose share
8. Tap and hold gmail
9. Tap notifications
10. Tap app settings
11. Tap manage accounts
12. Scroll down and go to Apps
13. Scroll down and tap Drive
14. Disable Drive
15. Back out to the Settings again and this time tap Google
16. Tap search & now
17. Tap now cards
18. Tap show cards
19. Type and choose Chrome
20. Navigate to goo.gl/2oYxD8 and tap Download
21. Navigate to goo.gl/lQJbso and tap Download (if you're having trouble with this one the letter before the "QJ" in the link is a lowercase "L", not a "1" or an uppercase "i.")
22. Back out and tap Show Cards again, this time type and choose Downloads
23. Install google account manager
24. Install frp bypass
25. Login with a Google Account
26. Back out all the way to Setup again and proceed through as you normally would (Setup takes an unusually long amount of time, I’ve sped up the video past the long parts because, for real, they take a while)
27. Enable OEM Unlock in Developer Options to prevent device from becoming FRP locked again.


Found another one for ya folks!! I was messing around with a new method I found this morning and managed to use this same technique to bypass Google Account FRP Lock on a Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (SM-N920V) running Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow with September 2016 Security Patch!

1) Connect to a Wi-Fi that you have immediate control over to shut off at a moments notice. Tap Next.
2) As soon as you see the screen say "Software Update" shut the wifi off like I show in the video.
3) If done correctly you will have the phone tell you "Couldn't connect to internet" which will then push you into the next screen of Setup.
4) Re-enable your wifi connection so that your device auto connects to it
5) Proceed through Setup and set up a Screen Lock. MAKE SURE YOU CHOOSE PASSWORD LOCK!!!
6) After you type your password and get to the next screen lock your device
7) When you unlock it you will see a keyboard icon next to the password field, tap this and choose Swype.
8) When your keyboard changes tap and hold the bottom left Swype icon (this enables Swype settings in the background!). Now type your password and unlock the device.
9) Once inside Swype settings, tap Help, Version, Swype, then at the bottom will be a link to a YouTube video. Tap the link to open up YouTube.
10) Tap the 3 dots in the top right and choose Privacy Policy. Choose Chrome, NOT INTERNET!
11) Navigate to rootjunkysdl.com, scroll down and tap "Apps", then "FRP". Download Google Account apk, Quick Shortcut apk, and his FRP Bypass apk.
12) After the final app downloads quickly tap on the OPEN link that appears in the bottom right to open your Downloads folder.
13) Install Google Account apk first, then install FRP Bypass apk afterwards. When FRP Bypass finishes installing tap the icon to Open the app.
14) Tap the 3 dots in the top right and choose Browser Sign-In. Sign in with a Google Account that you have control of.

At this point in the process you have a couple of options. In the video I use Quick Shortcut to try and expedite the rest of the Setup because I'm super impatient. As you will see this doesn't make a damn bit of difference because I end up having to wait anyways. So it's up to you, but I would recommend that you just tap the back button a million times (not literally...) until you end up back at the very first Setup screen. Afterwards proceed through Setup as usual (this will take a LONG time when loading!! In the video you'll notice I sped that part of the video up because for real, it takes a while!)

When you finish getting through setup then you'll be back at the Home Screen and you are free to do as you wish!


1) Connect the Nexus to a wifi signal you have instant control over. This is specific because you need to be able to cut off the internet supply at the very moment you see the Nexus display "Software Update".
2) Proceed through setup and add screen lock + fingerprint
3) At the point where you can tap Privacy Policy enable the hotspot connection again to automatically have the Nexus connect.
4) Tap Privacy Policy then tap and hold any text on the screen to prompt you with the "Share" option.
5) Choose share over Gmail
6) Set up an email account that you already have set up and then choose "Take me to Gmail"
7) Click the 3 dots to expand the option for "Settings"
8) Do this again to expand the option for "Manage Accounts". Tapping this will bring you into the main Settings.
9) At this point it all depends on what Security Update and Android version you have that will dictate what options you have. If you are on 6.0.1 as I was then its as simple as enabling Developer Menu by tapping Build Number 7 times, enable both OEM Unlock and USB Debugging, then connecting the device to a computer.
10) adb reboot bootloader
11) fastboot flashing unlock
12) Choose the option to Unlock your Bootloader and you now have full access to do whatever the heck you choose with the device! I would recommend downloading a Stock ROM and flashing over your currently (still locked) ROM.

Samsung Account FRP Lock Bypass // T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note Edge (SM-N915T) // Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow

This is a video tutorial showcasing a new method that I found today to perform a 100% complete and total bypass and replacement of a Samsung Account for a FRP locked Samsung Galaxy Note Edge SM-N915T running Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. I've looked online for countless hours trying to find anything that would show how to do this and haven't found anybody else able to do it yet, so definitely spread the word! I even purchased the z3x unlocking tool and as of today's posting date not even their tool can perform the bypass yet, so I'm hoping this is the first proof and video tutorial out there!

1. Connect to any wifi
2. Tap HOME button three times to enable TalkBack 
3. Drag your finger UP then RIGHT to open TalkBack Menu
4. Tap TalkBack Settings
5. Hold both volume keys to disable TalkBack
6. Scroll down and tap on Play Store button
7. Tap at the top and search for Package Disabler Pro
8. Spend the $1.49 and download the app. While its installing also download Quick Shortcut Maker.
9. Open Package Disabler Pro and enable Admin, open the menu and tap Show System.
10. Scroll down and clear data and then disable Samsung Account & Samsung Setup Wizard.
11. Back out and open up Quick Shortcut Maker, find Setup Wizard NOT Samsung Setup Wizard! and tap it. Scroll down to the second to last option that says something like "Exit Setup".
12. Tap "Try" and you'll be into the Home Screen!
13. Go to Settings and then Backup & Reset then Factory Reset.
14. Open up Package Disabler Pro again and Enable ONLY Samsung Account, then return to the Factory Reset Page.
15. Tap ERASE ALL and you'll be prompted to Sign In with a new Samsung Account which will stay on your device from here on out!

The only downside of this is that if you Factory reset your device the previous samsung account will still be on it so you will be locked out again. But as long as you don't do that then your device will never trouble you again! You can enable ADB, activate the carrier, do whatever you want at this point!

Google Account FRP Lock Bypass // MetroPCS HTC Desire 626s // Android 5.1 Lollipop

-Turn on phone and tap 'Next' to enter wifi setup screen
-Connect to Xfinity Wifi and wait until the Comcast login screen pops up
-Choose 'I am not an Xfinity customer' and sign up for a complimentary hour pass
-Choose 'I am an Xfinity customer' and sign in with your Comcast account
-Tap and hold over some text displayed on your screen and you'll notice some icons temporarily display up at the top and then disappear. The icon furthest to the right is a magnifying glass 'Search' function that will open up the Google App. You have infinite tries to get this right but only a limited time between when you tap and hold on some text to reach up and tap this 'Search' icon. (In the video I SOMEHOW magically managed to do this first try with one hand lol so you shouldn't have too much trouble)
-Erase whatever populates into the search bar automatically and type in 'setup' and tap the icon that says 'Setup'
-Proceed through this new setup process and skip through everything like I do in the video. If it brings you back to the search bar just tap the 'Setup' icon again to resume.
-When asked for a screen lock choose Pattern Lock and save a pattern you'll remember. This SHOULD follow up by saying 'Set Up Completed'. If not, cycle through this new setup and mess around with it until you actually see the pop up that says 'Set Up Complete'. 
-After completion you'll see the icons across the bottom, tap the display Windows icon (to the right) to open up all windows and tap the 'X' at the top to close out of everything which will bring you to the Home Screen :)

After further messing around on the phone I managed to fully erase the previous account from Settings!

-Open the apps section inside Settings and clear all data, force stop, and disable (in that order) the following apps:
Google Account Manager
Google Play Services
Google Framework
Google Play
-Reboot phone
-Open Settings and go to 'Backup and Reset'
-Now it will let you factory reset which will fully wipe the phone and allow you to enjoy your fresh new device :)

Samsung Account FRP Lock Bypass // AT&T Samsung Galaxy S6 (SM-G920A) // Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow



I will come back and add the steps from the videos here later. For now an awesome subscriber to the GhostlyHaks YouTube Channel S0undSmasher contributed the following steps that actually finish the steps I discovered in the videos above to combine and make a 100% complete bypass! His steps to follow after the videos are as follows:

-------Steps to perform this FULL bypass--------
1) Factory reset phone from recovery mode
2) Proceed through initial setup until you have the option to create a new Google Account
3) Choose to create a new Google Account and proceed through setup
4) When asked for a payment option make sure you choose PayPal
5) On the PayPal login prompt tap on "Forgot Username or Password", this will prompt for an internet browser
6) Make sure you choose Internet and NOT Chrome if you plan on following this video (not mandatory and in fact I suggest everyone to try other options, you may get further than I!)
7) Download a "Launcher", which is essentially just a secondary Home Screen. In the video I download Apex Launcher, but there are many others. When you get to the Home screen proceed to the next step.
8) Open up Google Play Store and then search for KNOX and install it.
9) Launch KNOX and Register.
10) Now search for a launcher like APEX and when it is done click open (should take you to home launcher).
11) Open up KNOX and MORE and KNOX Settings in the upper right.
12) Click Account.
13) Add SAMSUNG account ( I also added google account but dont think its needed).
14) I then set KNOX stlye to Launcher and it restarted the UI.
15) On the Samsung Protection screen Log into the samsung account you signed into with in KNOX.

Google Account FRP Lock Bypass // Samsung Galaxy Tab E (SM-T217S) // Android 5.1.1 Lollipop

Literally the only thing you need to perform this bypass is an app called Samsung SideSync to be installed on your computer. In this video I demonstrate the bypass on a MacBook but the same situation applies to those of you that use a Windows based computer.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Reset device through Recovery Mode (if you don't know how to do this then you shouldn't be here lol)
  2. Download and install Samsung SideSync to your Windows/Mac
  3. Remove SIM card from tablet if you have one installed
  4. Upon first boot skip past the wifi screen without connecting to anything
  5. On the next screen open Samsung SideSync on your computer and connect to the tablet via USB cable
  6. After a few seconds you'll see a prompt on the tablet to one of three apps: Galaxy Apps, Chrome, or Internet (Browser). Choose Internet (the purple one).
  7. Now since you have no SIM card and didn't connect to WiFi the tablet will prompt you into the Settings.
  8. Once in the Settings just scroll down to the Security tab and tap on Factory Reset.
  9. Win :)

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