Samsung Account FRP Lock Bypass // T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note Edge (SM-N915T) // Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow

This is a video tutorial showcasing a new method that I found today to perform a 100% complete and total bypass and replacement of a Samsung Account for a FRP locked Samsung Galaxy Note Edge SM-N915T running Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. I've looked online for countless hours trying to find anything that would show how to do this and haven't found anybody else able to do it yet, so definitely spread the word! I even purchased the z3x unlocking tool and as of today's posting date not even their tool can perform the bypass yet, so I'm hoping this is the first proof and video tutorial out there!

1. Connect to any wifi
2. Tap HOME button three times to enable TalkBack 
3. Drag your finger UP then RIGHT to open TalkBack Menu
4. Tap TalkBack Settings
5. Hold both volume keys to disable TalkBack
6. Scroll down and tap on Play Store button
7. Tap at the top and search for Package Disabler Pro
8. Spend the $1.49 and download the app. While its installing also download Quick Shortcut Maker.
9. Open Package Disabler Pro and enable Admin, open the menu and tap Show System.
10. Scroll down and clear data and then disable Samsung Account & Samsung Setup Wizard.
11. Back out and open up Quick Shortcut Maker, find Setup Wizard NOT Samsung Setup Wizard! and tap it. Scroll down to the second to last option that says something like "Exit Setup".
12. Tap "Try" and you'll be into the Home Screen!
13. Go to Settings and then Backup & Reset then Factory Reset.
14. Open up Package Disabler Pro again and Enable ONLY Samsung Account, then return to the Factory Reset Page.
15. Tap ERASE ALL and you'll be prompted to Sign In with a new Samsung Account which will stay on your device from here on out!

The only downside of this is that if you Factory reset your device the previous samsung account will still be on it so you will be locked out again. But as long as you don't do that then your device will never trouble you again! You can enable ADB, activate the carrier, do whatever you want at this point!

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