1) Connect the Nexus to a wifi signal you have instant control over. This is specific because you need to be able to cut off the internet supply at the very moment you see the Nexus display "Software Update".
2) Proceed through setup and add screen lock + fingerprint
3) At the point where you can tap Privacy Policy enable the hotspot connection again to automatically have the Nexus connect.
4) Tap Privacy Policy then tap and hold any text on the screen to prompt you with the "Share" option.
5) Choose share over Gmail
6) Set up an email account that you already have set up and then choose "Take me to Gmail"
7) Click the 3 dots to expand the option for "Settings"
8) Do this again to expand the option for "Manage Accounts". Tapping this will bring you into the main Settings.
9) At this point it all depends on what Security Update and Android version you have that will dictate what options you have. If you are on 6.0.1 as I was then its as simple as enabling Developer Menu by tapping Build Number 7 times, enable both OEM Unlock and USB Debugging, then connecting the device to a computer.
10) adb reboot bootloader
11) fastboot flashing unlock
12) Choose the option to Unlock your Bootloader and you now have full access to do whatever the heck you choose with the device! I would recommend downloading a Stock ROM and flashing over your currently (still locked) ROM.

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