Here's another one for ya folks! This time I show you how to bypass Google Account FRP Lock on a Motorola Nexus 6 running Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow! This time all you need is a stable wifi connection, no other devices needed!!

1. Connect to wifi
2. Hold @ and swipe up to the cog icon
3. Choose keyboard settings
4. Tap text correction
5. Tap personal dictionaries
6. Tap help & feedback
7. Type some text, tap and hold the text and choose share
8. Tap and hold gmail
9. Tap notifications
10. Tap app settings
11. Tap manage accounts
12. Scroll down and go to Apps
13. Scroll down and tap Drive
14. Disable Drive
15. Back out to the Settings again and this time tap Google
16. Tap search & now
17. Tap now cards
18. Tap show cards
19. Type and choose Chrome
20. Navigate to and tap Download
21. Navigate to and tap Download (if you're having trouble with this one the letter before the "QJ" in the link is a lowercase "L", not a "1" or an uppercase "i.")
22. Back out and tap Show Cards again, this time type and choose Downloads
23. Install google account manager
24. Install frp bypass
25. Login with a Google Account
26. Back out all the way to Setup again and proceed through as you normally would (Setup takes an unusually long amount of time, I’ve sped up the video past the long parts because, for real, they take a while)
27. Enable OEM Unlock in Developer Options to prevent device from becoming FRP locked again.

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