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Maybe some people have noticed the fact, that if you flash a file from the download section you have a different hardware uuid. And if you flash the same file to different devices you have on both systems the same hardware uuid.

That could be a problem with some applications. But no worry, we can change the hardware uuid to a new random value.

I have tested this with a MacBookAir 4,1.


Will it work on my System?

MacBookAir 4,1 -- YES

MacBookPro 11,1 -- NO

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Why do you need a clean Management Engine Region?

An Apple MacBook will not run properly or not run at all without a proper management engine. When a new Macbook is turned on for the first time the Bios and the CPU perform a "handshake" allowing them to work together. So in turn, if your management engine gets corrupted,, and you try to copy the efi from another macbook of the same model, it will still not work because the cpu knows its not the original bios. 

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