In this Tutorial i will explain how to prepare a flash file to work with the Apple Blank Board Serializer. That means you can set a MacBook(Air) back to factory. Nice side effect, any passwords should be removed also. You can use this together with my other Tutorial to reset also the Hardware-UUID.

I have tested this with a MacBookAir 4,1.


Will it work on my System?

MacBookAir 4,1 -- YES

MacBookPro 11,1 -- NO


What you will need?

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0 #4 Jono91 2018-01-23 14:41
How do I write the modified flash file back onto my MBA?
0 #3 nixer 2018-01-09 18:32
Very cool. Is there any particular reason this won't work with later models? If I search for and extract the FFF12B8D-7696... module, replace it with all F's and rebuild the ROM with UEFITool, Would that not work? I do have a brand new unused 2015 iMac 4K board that has never been serialised (or removed from its antistatic bag) if the dump is needed for science :-)
0 #2 G.Beard 2016-11-06 22:07
Quoting k-pax:
hi,what is •BBS v1.1 ?
for remove icloud is with usb?

No, it's for flashing the correct serial number to your EFI. It is a tool that is used by the Apple "genius" (LOL) when replacing MLB..... Strictly speaking it is only meant to be used by Apple.
Some customers walk away with a brand new logic board that has not had a serial number flashed to the SPI ROM chip. For this reason you will find leaked Blank Board Serializer .DMG all over the net for download ......... If BBS was for unlocking stolen MacBooks via USB, we would have every 2 bit mickey mouse cardboard cutout cunt running around selling stolen MacBooks now wouldn't we?.
0 #1 k-pax 2016-07-03 20:04
hi,what is •BBS v1.1 ?
for remove icloud is with usb?

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