Teensy sketch for EFI and Icloud Bruteforce attack

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2 years 4 months ago #11128 by RAILEANU
By using external chip, from the Teensy I need to use just one pin as an interrupt detector with the code provided anyway. I will definitely keep you updated. In the end it will be a great device that will even work on 2018 or 2019 models that have 4 digits code only. A 6 digits code is out of question as takes about 197 days at 8 seconds code refresh window. Also I am working now on the T2 chips and I mange so far to bypass 2 computers with external boot disabled.  And so far I think I am the only one that succeed and do this models yet. Same as many years ago when I found the solution for 64mb (8.192 Mb) efi file and also the 32 ones, of course with help from others around the world that we collaborate. The best help and ideas come from US at that time.
Keep in touch.

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2 years 4 months ago #11129 by thaGH05T
Nice, I would like to try and get that info out into the wild. I have not had time to work on 2018+ yet, but it will come as soon as I get this new release off the ground. Collaboration is key though. 

Lemme know if you are interested in helping with product development. I need the extra set of hands.

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