Mac Reports - Specifications Per Device

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This section is to be used as an ever increasing repository of knowledge, based on the accumulative research done by the administrative team and contributing community members here at GhostlyHaks, about the specifications required to adequately perform a successful unlock using the EFI Destroyer. I have separated the documents into categories by year, each with a set of 3 subcategories divided by MacBook Air, Pro, and iMac. I will be adding more documents to this repo as I come across the models not yet found already.

Each report will display vital information that will be used to your benefit, such as the individual Power State required per each device. If you see that unfortunately I have not been able to provide a report for your specific model please send me a PM to let me know! I will be providing a blank template attached to this post that can be used to fill in with information for any model which there is no documentation for already, just in case there may be some of you that wish to help contribute to the communal cause! You will not be able to submit a report by default, so if you would like to add to the repository then you'll have to let me know so that I can add the research! For everybody that contributes a new report I will be sure to give due credit that will forever be documented in the report that you provide for everybody to see when they go to access it! Please be sure to follow the exact same format as all of the other reports if you want me to add it into the repo.

The information provided in these reports is being done so from a purely informational standpoint. I do not advocate the servicing of stolen items, and any such talk of any kind of illegal activity will be reprimanded with a verbal warning 24-hour temporary ban. If further talk of illegal activity is witnessed by the same user after a verbal warning has been issued further action will be taken against your account. Please, just don't make me have to be that guy >.<
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