Late 2013 15" 2.3GHz i7 Weird EFI Situation (SOLVED)

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1 year 6 months ago - 1 year 6 months ago #10790 by chargingport
Hi everyone, 

I have a weird situation going on with this MBP 15" originally would not see SSD or even Flash Drive on holding Option key to select a boot option. I have had a few iMacs and MacBooks with similar issues some that would not chime and stay on black screen and all I had to do was write a fresh efi dump and badabing badaboom working. However; with this MBP I have downloaded an EFI from the Ghostly Repo and when going to write my serial that area looks different from my original dump. I thought maybe that my dump was corrupt so proceeded to write the new dump and everything went smooth. SMC Reset and PRAM the machine, chimes, sees SSD and USB but takes forever to load and at the end of loading just goes to black screen. I was able to load into Online Recovery and wipe the SSD but it did not allow me to write the OS for some reason. I have posted my original dump so anyone can inspect it and give me suggestions on what i can try or if anyone has had this issue. I will try a new EFI chip as well and will post results after.

So my original dump was corrupt. The dump that I pulled from the repo had model RU ending instead of LL, not sure if that really made a difference, but i was able to find one that had LL and placed my serial number and flashed back to chip. It still booted somewhat slow but was actually going through instead of getting hung. Erased SSD, and install High sierra. Installation took longer than expected but in the end its working perfectly  fine, no lag, boots up quick with no issues. 
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