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This is the forum designated to hacking and anything in between.

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This is the area that anything goes and discrimination is NOT ALLOWED HERE. If you leave a question or comment in N00b Z0n3 then anything goes. All questions will be answered in a polite way with more than enough info to get you started.

NOTE: All Noobs please place your posts here for any questions and we will sort them out to the proper category.

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mac air a1466emc3178,2017 bios
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Kali Linux 13 topics

Everything to do with Kali Linux.

Backtrack 5 5 topics

Everything to do with Backtrack 5.

Password Cracking 41 topics

General password cracking topics go here.

Hacking Tools 36 topics

Help topics on specific hacking tools.

Hackthissite.org 28 topics

This will have the solutions to the different categories of missions for hackthissite.org.

The RE category is for anything relating to reverse engineering of software in a manor that does not break the terms and conditions of that software. Stay legal guys!

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