Android 9 ( Pie ) Resurrection Remix + Nethunter build for Nexus 7 2013 ( Flo )

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2 years 3 weeks ago - 2 years 3 weeks ago #11109 by 0E800
0E800 contributes to GhostlyHaks:

Resurrection Remix / Android 9 (Pie) for Nexus 7 2013 (Flo)

  • Android Security updates at March 5 2019
  • Everything in one Zip (OpenGapps, Magisk + NH modules)
  • Kernel patched for HID and Injection
  • Nethunter via Magisk
  • Unmentionable goodies

#Method of installation:

(Requires current TWRP to be installed)
  • Boot into TWRP recovery
  • Wipe device using Format Data or Wipe Data, (the wipe option that wants you to type 'yes')
  • Dont reboot.
  • Go back 2 times and click on Reboot to Recovery
  • Then factory reset wipe and verify no errors show (unable to mount system)
  • If errors, show, got back to start and Wipe Data.
to computer (link below)[/size]

While device is in TWRP recovery:
  • connect to computer via USB,
  • copy to your device from computer file manager.
  • Install / Flash
          *Note: the progress bar does not accurately reflect correct install time, just wait until it completes.*
  • Do not reboot
  • Go back 2x
  • Install Open Google Apps (is included in and extracted to /sdcard. should appear immediately)
  • Reboot after installing OpenGapp
   (First boot takes up to 5 minutes, be patient)
  • Go through initial setup of Wifi
  • Setup Google account or skip
  • Open Files app
  • Click on upper right 3 dots, select 'Show Internal Storage'
  • Goto Downloads
  • Install Magisk Manager.
  • Reboot to Recovery
  • Install / Flash Magisk
  • Reboot
#Setup Nethunter 
  • Goto settings
  • Goto Display
  • Goto Advanced
  • Set Screen timeout to 30 minutes (to prevent screen sleeping during KalisFS Chroot install)
  • You can change it back AFTER Kali Chroot is installed
  • Open RR Stats
  • Unchecked Enable Reporting
  • Check Persistent opt-out
  • Open Magisk manager app
  • Click on upper left lines to expose navigation menu
  • Click on modules
  • Click on lower center (+)
  • Click on upper left 3 lines, click on Nexus 7 (device)
  • Scroll down and select Busybox for
  • When done installing, reboot.
  • Repeat above with and
  • Then reboot
#Setup KaliFS
  • Open Nethunter Terminal, accept prompts, click on Kali,
( It errors because there is no Chroot, / Exit to homescreen )
  • Open Nethunter.APK, accept prompts for permissions
  • Click on Kali Chroot Manager
  • Install Chroot
  • Click on SDCard
  • Click on Minimal
  • Click on lower center dot to take you back to the Home screen
  • Launch Nethunter terminal, select Kali
  • Type: 
    apt update
  • Got back to Nethunter APK
  • Click on Chroot Manager if its not already ad the modules, click on add modules.
  • Select modules you want,
 (will take a long time to install, so do 1 or 2 at a time.)
  • Accept update defaults by pressing Enter
More to come...

If someone with Deb wants to test, Ill make a build.

#Known issues#
  • NMAP causes device to reboot, zAnti uses NMAP so also causes device to reboot
( I am fairly certain that  nmap/nmap#1112  is the answer. )



Thank you to  followmsi

I would not have been able to provide this release without his contributions to the internet.


Keep all comments, issues, support questions, or replies regarding this release here on Ghostlyhaks.
I will not offer support if you try to hit me up on github or reddit.

Keep it hackerish...
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1 year 5 months ago #11661 by 0E800
Updated build.

(Apologies, I do not have time to type out instructions. The old instructions should be enough to get by)

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8 months 4 weeks ago #12206 by insom07
You ever get around to that deb build?

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