Automation ( 0 )

Time is so precious because every second that passes is a second we can never get back, so why worry yourself with mundane tasks that can be automated? Here you can find projects that can make those mundane tasks as simple as a push of a button or a...


Entertaining ( 0 )

After a long day at work you simply want to unwind and enjoy a few hours of relaxation or entertainment. This category is designed for those who have intuitive ideas to heighten those crucial and pleasurable moments.


Ergonomics ( 0 )

Ergonomics, a word that has become more common because the way we are so repetitive in our daily motions. Something as simple as a keyboard that is contoured to your wrists can make a life changing difference. projects with this in mind are located here.

Film and Video

Film and Video ( 0 )

The era we live in now is one that we take in so much information from visual and audible information. For some this is the ONLY way they can learn, YouTube has really streamlined this. It is so easy to reach out to your viewers now, but to actual...

Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage ( 0 )

Food makes the world go 'round and we consume so many different types of food and beverages. So here you will find people desperately trying to reach out and touch your soul through your taste-buds.


Hacking ( 2 )

Hacking is such a lightly thrown around term now days and is in some cases looked as taboo, but the reality is if you are working on a project that requires a tool that nobody but the factory has it's likely your'e stuck between a rock and a hard place....


Technology ( 0 )

We rely on so much technology and we do not even realize it! We adopt new technology into our lives everyday, so take a peek inside to see what these makers have to offer.


Toys ( 0 )

Toys, are the foundation of a child's imagination and creative development. Here you can find projects that will cater to this extremely important aspect of child play things.

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