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Welcome to our projects page! You are one step closer to sharing your invention or big idea with your peers. Not only are you going to be able to share it with them, but they are going to have the opportunity to support you by donating to your campaign. So before you get started heres a a list to check off to make sure you hit the ground running.

  1. First thing's first; go read the Terms and Conditions page.
  2. Next you need to make sure to create a good writeup that explains your project in its entirety.
  3. Then you need to take some awesome photos and/or video of the prototype in action. We support the display of YouTube Or Vimeo videos.
  4. After that you just need to log in or create a user account to post your project.

Thats it, four easy little steps and you will be on your way to success. Even if you don't think you have a million dollar idea, you still should post your project. Because while it may not be as lucrative as gloves that you can use with a touch screen phone; it still might touch the lives of thousands! This is your chance to reach out and make a difference. Good luck!

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