Easy Flash Adapter v4.0.1

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The Easy Flash Adapter 4.0.1 is an ISP SPI adapter for mac devices. This version will cover some Macbook Pro's in 2012 as well as a few Macbook Air's of various models. The best way to determine if this adapter is for you, is by identifying your header and comparing it against the mating side of this adapter. Feel free to ask questions before your purchase. This adapter works with all programmers but is only guaranteed to work with the EFI Destroyer.

If you are unsure about which Easy Flash Adapter you require please refer to this thread in the forums where you'll find links to the repository containing files which document which specific Easy Flash Adapter works with each model.

Also for more information on how to specifically use this device please watch the video guide or for a full-featured tutorial please refer to the article found here.


We here at GhostlyHaks provide these tools and information to you, the consumer, with the respect of knowing that you agree to use them for testing purposes only on devices that you personally own. We will, in no way, be held responsible for anything you decide to do with these gifts. What you do on your own time is at your own discretion.

Happy hunting...

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