EFI Destroyer (Lite)

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The EFIDL is a universal unlock utility for the MB, MBP, MBA, iMac, and Mac Mini from 2011-2015. It has not been tested on all models, but has been tested on every year model and developed to be used stand alone. It can remove the EFI password (firmware lock) in 30 seconds or less on most all devices. The great thing about this tool is that it has NO LICENSE RESTRICTION. Once you pay for this bad boy you are set for life.

There will be rolling support for this device and various more challenging unlocks in the GhostlyHaks.com forums and there is a full feature tutorial that will take you from start to unlocked in the most headache free way as possible. The tutorial is also rolling so info will be added to it as well as some tips and tricks. For access to the repository where all reports on each specific Mac device we have done testing on please refer to this link for the forum thread.

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