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This special offer is to give a you guys a chance to show your commitment by purchasing a "Pro Member" membership here at GhostlyHaks, but don't think that's all I am going to offer! You will also receive a discounted gift of your choice, eligibility for Beta testing the newest features of the EFI Destroyer, a lifetime 20% discount on anything in the shop, the forum rank of "Pro Member", and bragging rights as being a member of the GhostlyHaks family.

I have been working on some cool projects lately and have decided to let a few dedicated members test drive what I have coined the EFI Destroyer Pro. It is a Swiss army knife in the EFI world, and is likely the evolution of EFI Programming. I don't wanna say much more for those that do not get the Pro Member membership, so I will just leave it at that.

So if having an exclusive first look at the EFI Destroyer Pro, becoming a Pro Member, supporting the development of cutting edge hacking tools, getting a serious discount on said hacking tools, and having bragging rights on the forum tickles your fancy; click the add to cart button to get started!

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